Six Days In

ATCN Certified!!  So if you look up from your ICU bed after a trauma and see me…you’re gonna get some kick ass trauma nursing.  Planning on taking the instructor course next month- Level 3 here I come!!

Day 6 was okay.  Not the best food ever…but not awful.  Oatmeal for lunch, quinoa salad and a regular green salad for lunch was pretty good.  I got the quinoa salad from the premade food section at central market and it was fantastic- vegan and everything and way better than anything I would have made.  Dinner was just kind of meh.  Roasted root veggies were good but not awesome and the zucchini-cashew salad had a nice initial taste but an odd after taste.  I’m feeling pretty energetic though throughout the day and not really having problems with hunger or cravings which is really  nice considering there were cookies and muffins and full size candy bars all over ATLS today (Thanks Dr. Gandhi…for nothin’!)

Successfully took Layla’s staples out because why on earth wouldn’t I do it???  I’m totally qualified to remove staples as it is something I do on a regular basis at my job.  Staples are out, incision site looks fantastic and whatever little cold/allergies/whatever she had that had me take her to the vet in the first place is gone and she is as energetic and jumping around like always.  Love her.  Seriously.

I’m ready for May.  May means new residents (Thank Jesus) and my niece’s birthday and the Life Gift Second Chance Run/Walk and NTI in Orlando and of course it means it’s almost June which means it’s almost my birthday!!!!!

Day 7 starts tomorrow and another day at work, which means Day 8 and it’s “Release” powder is coming soon…let’s hope they clear the tub room!!!


4 and 5 keep you alive…

Quick prebed post on Days 4 and 5. 

Day 4 was my first day at work on the Reset and it went pretty well.  I ran out of time in the morning and had a Shakeology for breakfast and it kept me surprisingly full all the way until lunch.  Lunch was the LifeGift Joint Council Meeting so I had my lentils and salad while everyone else had their awesome looking Pot Belly sandwiches but it’s okay.  The lentils weren’t as good the second day by half.  They were actually a little gross.  The lime that made them so great on Day 3 was blech.  Dinner though…OMG coconut oil is my new favorite cooking tool.  There were veggies stir fried in coconut oil plus quinoa and a salad and it was AWWWWWWESOME.  The coconut oil made the veggies taste amaaaazing. 

Day 4 was another small challenge because Diana and I were taking day 1 of 2 for ATCN- Advanced Trauma Care for Nurses.  Which was catered by the hospital.  With fajitas.  Also queso.  Thankfully we had each other to sit by with our quinoa salad and hummas but man did the queso look good.  Another round of stir fried veggies tonight…super quick to make too, I’ll definitely be keeping this particular recipe around.  It was a good one.  Bought the food for week two and a TON of fruit.  Lots of fruits and veggies- I even branched out and got some beets and asparagus so we’ll see if I like them.  My fridge is WAY full.  Plus the freezer because I had just bought about a weeks worth of meat and pasta for dinners before I decided to do the reset…Whoops!Q

Tomorrow is Day 6 of the reset and the second day of ATCN.  The testing seems pretty intense but I’m excited to have another set of letters to go with my trauma swaggers.  Love me some trauma swaggers!!  Working all weekend and then three days off.  Week 2 of the reset – Release- starts Sunday…scary!!!

Day 2…

So day two down and all goes well.  I did some piss poor planning on my part and left to run a whole bunch of errands before lunch and should have waited until after lunch to go out.  Oh well.  Chalk it up to experience and move on, right?  No hard, no foul, no cheating today so good for me. 

Tomorrow is day 3 which is tempeh “sushi” day.   Mostly it’s a nori roll with some soy stuff in it in place of fishy meaty goodness.  I had my last chicken for 20 days and I miss it already.  Also things I miss? Starbucks.  Starbucks was everywhere I went today.  Target, 121, the mall, on the way home, next to the Lane Bryant…EVERYWHERE.  But alas…no coffee for me.  Nothing but “mineralized” distilled water.  I miss other drinks. 

Otherwise I feel good.  Not particularly tired today like I was yesterday although I could probably sleep for a few hours if I laid down and not have any trouble going back to sleep at my usual bedtime.  Not particularly achy either.  I probably could have stood to drink some more water though, I was slacking on that today.  Better tomorrow, right?

Work on Wednesday and then ATCN Thursday and Friday could be challenging.  Some days at work you never know when you’re going to be able to eat lunch or have time to pee.  Thankfully Joint Commission has done their sweep so I can have water with me at my desk again.  Thursday and Friday…well…They’ll be long days in which I could be prone to falling asleep in the afternoon.  Hopefully the afternoon will be fun packed enough to prevent the naps. 

Also have the brother’s birthday this week which I’m sure will include dinner and his party on the weekend.  Not sure yet what I’ll do, but I’ll figure it out for sure!

On the Layla front..I think it’s time for her staples to come out.  I’ll be acquiring myself a staple remover and doing that myself because really…I’m fully qualified to remove staples out of a dog.  I’m not saying she probably won’t try to bite me, but I’m pretty sure I can do it.  Can dogs have ativan???  I know for sure they can have 75mg of Benadryl. 

Dishes and TV and bed!  See ya on day 3!


21 Days

So my BFF Diana and I get each other into all sorts of things.  Trips to national nursing conferences, LifeGift functions, birthday parties, precepting nursing students, ATCN classes, writing new orders sets for presentations at national nurse conferences, looooooots of wine. 

Today she got me into something else…a 21 day Ultimate Body Reset.  A 21 day dietary detox program full of Central Market fare and supplements and green death powder. 

Today was day 1. 

The food was great.  Eggs and toast in the morning, a pretty fantastic salad at lunch and some very good salmon and veggies and potatoes for dinner.  More than I’d usually cook in one day, but good food and not hard to make at all. 

The supplements…well.  I don’t swallow pills well, so there was some gagging and then there’s the green death powder.  There’s just probably no way to ever ever make this stuff taste good.  I just think that for 21 days I’m going to have to suck it up and take it like a woman.

I’ve never done a detox or anything like this before so who knows what will happen, hopefully I’ll learn some new kitchen tricks and try some new things- I put bell peppers AND tomatoes in my salad today and those things are NOT part of my regular veggie intake.  There are some concerning foods and the fact that the last two weeks of the plan are totally vegan, but I’ll give it a shot!!  I’m pretty sure I’ll totally be jonesing for some meat or milk before too long.  I’m pretty excited about it and glad Diana was already going to do it- I never would have found out about it or even ever tried it if she hadn’t already decided to do it.  If I lose some weight…added bonus.  I’m mostly hoping to get back into cooking more and maybe expand my vegetable palate. 

Plus, Diana was doing it so I have to do it too. 

Best part?  Actual excuse to not work out for three weeks.  Besides the usual “Don’t want to”.  The program basically says you won’t have the energy for it.  Maybe after the three weeks I’ll grow a large amount of motivation to do something with myself. 

Otherwise…gearing up for NTI in Orlando starting May 20.  Super excited to get my yearly dose of inspiration and refresh the passion and drive for nursing.  Plus…Disney!  The food won’t be near as good as the food in Chicago, nevermind Seattle but that way we can focus on the conference and learning and planning the eventual takeover of all nursing everywhere. I’m ready for another trip- I haven’t been anywhere since Seattle and I’m excited to go to another city I’ve never seen again.  Here’s hoping the Magic Kingdom (or Epcot, wherever we end up) is truly magical and I get to see a princess or two!!

We’ll see how day 2 goes!!!