4 and 5 keep you alive…

Quick prebed post on Days 4 and 5. 

Day 4 was my first day at work on the Reset and it went pretty well.  I ran out of time in the morning and had a Shakeology for breakfast and it kept me surprisingly full all the way until lunch.  Lunch was the LifeGift Joint Council Meeting so I had my lentils and salad while everyone else had their awesome looking Pot Belly sandwiches but it’s okay.  The lentils weren’t as good the second day by half.  They were actually a little gross.  The lime that made them so great on Day 3 was blech.  Dinner though…OMG coconut oil is my new favorite cooking tool.  There were veggies stir fried in coconut oil plus quinoa and a salad and it was AWWWWWWESOME.  The coconut oil made the veggies taste amaaaazing. 

Day 4 was another small challenge because Diana and I were taking day 1 of 2 for ATCN- Advanced Trauma Care for Nurses.  Which was catered by the hospital.  With fajitas.  Also queso.  Thankfully we had each other to sit by with our quinoa salad and hummas but man did the queso look good.  Another round of stir fried veggies tonight…super quick to make too, I’ll definitely be keeping this particular recipe around.  It was a good one.  Bought the food for week two and a TON of fruit.  Lots of fruits and veggies- I even branched out and got some beets and asparagus so we’ll see if I like them.  My fridge is WAY full.  Plus the freezer because I had just bought about a weeks worth of meat and pasta for dinners before I decided to do the reset…Whoops!Q

Tomorrow is Day 6 of the reset and the second day of ATCN.  The testing seems pretty intense but I’m excited to have another set of letters to go with my trauma swaggers.  Love me some trauma swaggers!!  Working all weekend and then three days off.  Week 2 of the reset – Release- starts Sunday…scary!!!


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