Six Days In

ATCN Certified!!  So if you look up from your ICU bed after a trauma and see me…you’re gonna get some kick ass trauma nursing.  Planning on taking the instructor course next month- Level 3 here I come!!

Day 6 was okay.  Not the best food ever…but not awful.  Oatmeal for lunch, quinoa salad and a regular green salad for lunch was pretty good.  I got the quinoa salad from the premade food section at central market and it was fantastic- vegan and everything and way better than anything I would have made.  Dinner was just kind of meh.  Roasted root veggies were good but not awesome and the zucchini-cashew salad had a nice initial taste but an odd after taste.  I’m feeling pretty energetic though throughout the day and not really having problems with hunger or cravings which is really  nice considering there were cookies and muffins and full size candy bars all over ATLS today (Thanks Dr. Gandhi…for nothin’!)

Successfully took Layla’s staples out because why on earth wouldn’t I do it???  I’m totally qualified to remove staples as it is something I do on a regular basis at my job.  Staples are out, incision site looks fantastic and whatever little cold/allergies/whatever she had that had me take her to the vet in the first place is gone and she is as energetic and jumping around like always.  Love her.  Seriously.

I’m ready for May.  May means new residents (Thank Jesus) and my niece’s birthday and the Life Gift Second Chance Run/Walk and NTI in Orlando and of course it means it’s almost June which means it’s almost my birthday!!!!!

Day 7 starts tomorrow and another day at work, which means Day 8 and it’s “Release” powder is coming soon…let’s hope they clear the tub room!!!


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