So…I worked a lot over the weekend and skipped out on the internet.  Meh.

So today is day 11 of the reset and I actually have more days behind me than ahead of me which is AWESOME.  This is the longest I’ve stuck with something so restrictive…really glad I’m doing this with Diana and really glad I’m doing this in general.  The food has really been good.  There have only been a few things that I haven’t liked or haven’t wanted to try and I’ve been full basically the whole time.  Except yesterday.  Yesterday I was hungry ALL.  DAY.  LONG.

This is week two which marks the beginning of “Release” week and that means poo powder.  It’s nasty and thick and looks like dirt and hasn’t exactly been the most effective producer of elimination in the world.  Next week is “Reclaim” which means big ol’ horse pills full of stuff.  At least it’s not another powder is all I’m saying.  And…I’m actually looking forward to maybe being able to work out which is not normal for me.  Guess it really is a reset!

Work work work like always.  Orlando is coming sooner and sooner and I really need the break and the yearly reminder of why I love my job.  The post-Joint Commission haze is fading and it’s back to business and chart audits as usual.  Epic starts May 5th and I’m actually looking forward to it because it should eliminate a lot of issues.  Should.  Hopefully.  Hopefully.  Seriously- hopefully.  I feel like I need a refresher course though…

May is finally here which means a blessed new crop of residents- Couldn’t come soon enough.  Some of my favorites are back on the unit which makes me stupid happy and they’ll be available for birthday dinner and drinks before the Official 30th Birthday Weekend Roadtrip with some of my work girls!!  Plus I get to see my Rachel Allene for lunch one of those days which makes me way happy.  Austin here I come!!!