You got me on my knees Layla


Movember 3: Today I’m thankful for my Layla. We spent the day pretty much laying on the couch while I was reading or watching a movie or finishing a wreath for Baby Campbell Grace. She just shared the couch with me and put her little pointy head (that’s how you know that dogs are smart, btdubs) on my leg and chilled with me all day. Every now and then she’d wander into the guest room to lay on the bed there which has become her new perch but she would always come out to check on me if she thought she heard me move around too much.

She’s my little fur baby that I get to talk to so I’m not talking to myself all the time. Of course, by little I mean not small at all. She’s 70+ pounds of shedding hair and gassy intestines. The girl can clear a room!!

I also really appreciate that she’s totally judgey like I am. Some days I’ll be trying some new recipe or craft or dance move (twerking???? Not for me) and she looks at me and I can tell what she’s thinking is something along the lines of “Oh, honey. No.”

Plus, she only barks when she hears something out of the ordinary and hasn’t chewed a shoe since the first month I had her almost 5 years ago.

She’ll be 5 in December and she’s never allowed to die. She and I have discussed this. It’s agreed upon. Eternal life for Layla Marie Frederick.


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