Well it’s a girls night out…


Today I’m thankful for my sushi girls!!  It’s a rotating crew with a few different players but the one thing remains- these are some of the best girls ever!!

There is no judgement at the sushi table.  One glass of wine, water only, two bottles?  No judgement.  Three orders of tok fries?  No judgement.  Flapping edematous lady parts?  No judgement.  Sometimes it’s deep, personal revelations about life.  Sometimes it’s a conversation about why other cars can’t be as roomy and inexpensive as mini vans.  Sometimes you run into your bosses bosses boss.  Often you drink a lot of wine.  If you’re lucky you go to the same sushi place so many times that the staff know you and your “usual” order and make you try new things.  But mostly…there are no judgements and you’re with friends.

At least amongst us.  If it takes you longer than 90 seconds to open a bottle of wine…be prepared for open judgement.  Or get a rabbit.  We won’t judge that.


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