Everybody’s Working for the Weekend

Day 9.

Today I’m thankful for weekend days off.   In a profession that runs 24/7/365 hospital staff work every day of the week, plus weekends, plus holidays, plus that awful hour you add when you “fall back” and we’re happy to do it.  All of our hospital friends and health care friends and work family people get it.  They know the schedule and they know that a Tuesday can be a Friday night if it needs to be.

The problem is that some of my best friends have normal people 9-5 Monday-Friday weekends off schedules.  I generally work many weekend days, usually one a week because I enjoy the weekend staff (shout out!) and the shift differential is always welcome however, it makes scheduling normal people friends time harder.  I’ve got Tuesday off but they work and they’ve got the weekend but I work Saturday and they’ve already got plans on Sunday and it just leads to me seeing some of my favorite people less.

Today was an excellent day off.  I managed to wrangle a mutual day off with my sweet friend Amber and we spent the day in the Stockyards and it was gorgeous and fun and I’m super glad that I was able to have lunch with her!!

So…here’s to you weekend days off!!  Though you are sometimes few and far between and though sometimes I only have one of you off a week…I salute you for your always welcome chance to see friends and family!!!

Plus…College Game Day!!!!


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