Again with the catching up. Today is the 18th and I’m pretty sure I have three days worth of thanks to remember!!

16th- I thankful for my brother. At 8 years my senior, he was too old to play when I was little but as I’ve grown up he has shaped what I like to do, the music I listen to and shown me how to be a fierce defender of those I love. Through our childhood I did whatever he did and this extended as I grew up. Lake days, concerts. His influence on my musical preferences has been huge- a good portion of my iTunes playlist can be attributed to him. Pat Green, Jimmy Buffet, Guns n Roses, REK, Cross Canadian Ragweed. All people he said was cool, so I listened to them. And from that my song collection grew. I was always really in to music, but he pushed my interest in a direction outside of what I’d find on the radio.

Plus, he’s ALWAYS had my back. Fights with Mom and Dad, people in bars, other kids growing up. I remember being in high school and having a big cut on my face that was stitched up and very obvious and I was SO insecure about it. A guy in a restaurant looked a little too long at me and then he stopped. Because it was taken care of. I was ALWAYS taken care of. Between him and Dad I’d say my standard for men has been set impossibly high.

Plus…bless him, he’s in a job where he gets football tickets. Good tickets. With parking.

17th- alarm clocks. Water. Motrin. Being in an alcove where I could shut the door on certain staff members who insist on singing all day and nurse my semi-hangover from previously mentioned football game with awesome seats and So. Much. Beer. Mannitol.

18th- Those wonderful and elusive no alarm clock days. I usually end up being awake by 7:30 anyway but it’s my bladder that wakes me up and not some mean old alarm clock. Also- pictures!!!!! Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE to have my picture taken. Today was Layla and my annual “family” picture day!!! Who needs husbands and kids when you have the prettiest dog ever!!