I love you, you love me…

Day 8.   Today I am beyond thankful for my amazing work family!!!

It was one of those days today.  10 out, 10 in.  We ran at 36 patients pretty much all day- which is full.  Full, full, full.  All the way full.  The kind of full that has no beds available for a stat bed or a trauma bed.   The kind of full that DEMANDS team work.

Well, guess what today?  My work family sees your demands and raises you some awesome!!!  10 admits is ridiculous.  But everyone had the help they needed (I think…) and everyone pitched in to help those who needed it.

No one else quite gets it like we do and no one else quite understands the need for teamwork on days like this.  There were a lot of people who had gotten their own admits who didn’t need to help me with my 5pm admit.  But they did!!  (And my 8am admit!!)

We are supportive of each other and ALWAYS have each others backs.  No where else like it.