I’ve moved my Movember thankfulness here instead of Facebook to inspire me to blog more.  

So day 1 I find myself to be thankful for a car that runs well and doesn’t require prayer to start up.  I hit up the Hobby Lobby on my usual craft supply run and while I was getting myself and my purchases into my car I noticed the woman in the car across from mine starting her car over and over and over again until it finally sputtered to a start.   I could see the desperation on her face and the relief when that rattly old minivan engine finally turned over.  I’ve never had to feel that kind of desperation mostly because I’ve had such a blessed life but the look of relief I saw made it easy to imagine- it was literally written all over the woman’s face.  

The thankfulness for the car that starts of course leads to a long line of thanks for the job that helps me pay the car payments and maintenance and gas, the education that got me the job and the parents that financed the education so I could get the job that makes the money that pays for the car that always starts.  

But that’s awful complicated for day one…so for day one, I saw that I’m thankful for a car that starts.  Plus…when it’s clean, it sparkles black glitter in the sunshine.