Up from San Antone

Today is November 19th which just so happens to be the birthday of the most important man in my life- my Daddy.  So today, I am thankful for him.

I’m a Daddy’s girl.  Always have been, always will be.  It’s different than my relationship with Mom, who, for the record, was also a Daddy’s girl.

It’s one of those things that only a Daddy’s girl will understand.

It’s not that I’m dependent on him, it’s not that I can’t do things without him.  It’s that he’s always been there to rely on.

Half the pictures on his phone?  The time I picture texted him the inside of my toilet tank to figure out what kind of flusher kit I needed to make a DIY repair to my toilet.   Also, pictures of my heating unit to help me figure out how to light my pilot light.

The other half?  His granddaughters.  And me with his granddaughters.  They’re Grandaddy’s girls.  It’s a family thing.

Car advice?  Dad.

Home repair? Dad.

Generalized encouragement?  Dad.

Free meal at any Waffle House in the US?  Dad.

Cooking, gossip, shopping, extended girly things…Mom.  Waffle House?  Dad.

I can’t say enough about him.  For reals.  Because of my parents…I am where I am.


Also????  Mom got discharged home today!!!



Again with the catching up. Today is the 18th and I’m pretty sure I have three days worth of thanks to remember!!

16th- I thankful for my brother. At 8 years my senior, he was too old to play when I was little but as I’ve grown up he has shaped what I like to do, the music I listen to and shown me how to be a fierce defender of those I love. Through our childhood I did whatever he did and this extended as I grew up. Lake days, concerts. His influence on my musical preferences has been huge- a good portion of my iTunes playlist can be attributed to him. Pat Green, Jimmy Buffet, Guns n Roses, REK, Cross Canadian Ragweed. All people he said was cool, so I listened to them. And from that my song collection grew. I was always really in to music, but he pushed my interest in a direction outside of what I’d find on the radio.

Plus, he’s ALWAYS had my back. Fights with Mom and Dad, people in bars, other kids growing up. I remember being in high school and having a big cut on my face that was stitched up and very obvious and I was SO insecure about it. A guy in a restaurant looked a little too long at me and then he stopped. Because it was taken care of. I was ALWAYS taken care of. Between him and Dad I’d say my standard for men has been set impossibly high.

Plus…bless him, he’s in a job where he gets football tickets. Good tickets. With parking.

17th- alarm clocks. Water. Motrin. Being in an alcove where I could shut the door on certain staff members who insist on singing all day and nurse my semi-hangover from previously mentioned football game with awesome seats and So. Much. Beer. Mannitol.

18th- Those wonderful and elusive no alarm clock days. I usually end up being awake by 7:30 anyway but it’s my bladder that wakes me up and not some mean old alarm clock. Also- pictures!!!!! Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE to have my picture taken. Today was Layla and my annual “family” picture day!!! Who needs husbands and kids when you have the prettiest dog ever!!

You got me on my knees Layla


Movember 3: Today I’m thankful for my Layla. We spent the day pretty much laying on the couch while I was reading or watching a movie or finishing a wreath for Baby Campbell Grace. She just shared the couch with me and put her little pointy head (that’s how you know that dogs are smart, btdubs) on my leg and chilled with me all day. Every now and then she’d wander into the guest room to lay on the bed there which has become her new perch but she would always come out to check on me if she thought she heard me move around too much.

She’s my little fur baby that I get to talk to so I’m not talking to myself all the time. Of course, by little I mean not small at all. She’s 70+ pounds of shedding hair and gassy intestines. The girl can clear a room!!

I also really appreciate that she’s totally judgey like I am. Some days I’ll be trying some new recipe or craft or dance move (twerking???? Not for me) and she looks at me and I can tell what she’s thinking is something along the lines of “Oh, honey. No.”

Plus, she only barks when she hears something out of the ordinary and hasn’t chewed a shoe since the first month I had her almost 5 years ago.

She’ll be 5 in December and she’s never allowed to die. She and I have discussed this. It’s agreed upon. Eternal life for Layla Marie Frederick.


I’ve moved my Movember thankfulness here instead of Facebook to inspire me to blog more.  

So day 1 I find myself to be thankful for a car that runs well and doesn’t require prayer to start up.  I hit up the Hobby Lobby on my usual craft supply run and while I was getting myself and my purchases into my car I noticed the woman in the car across from mine starting her car over and over and over again until it finally sputtered to a start.   I could see the desperation on her face and the relief when that rattly old minivan engine finally turned over.  I’ve never had to feel that kind of desperation mostly because I’ve had such a blessed life but the look of relief I saw made it easy to imagine- it was literally written all over the woman’s face.  

The thankfulness for the car that starts of course leads to a long line of thanks for the job that helps me pay the car payments and maintenance and gas, the education that got me the job and the parents that financed the education so I could get the job that makes the money that pays for the car that always starts.  

But that’s awful complicated for day one…so for day one, I saw that I’m thankful for a car that starts.  Plus…when it’s clean, it sparkles black glitter in the sunshine.