I’m finding myself all kinds of inspired today.  New website/blog for the little crafting business, new project, actually updating my personal blog.  Mind you, not inspired enough to do laundry, but inspired.

I spent a good chunk of the morning/early afternoon watching the Texas Tech/WVU game and that one was much closer than I prefer, but my boys came away 7-0.  The addition of Kliff Kingsbury has been a game changer for this Tech fan.  I was generally unimpressed with the Tommy Tuberville years, being a huge Leach fan from my days in Lubbock.  I’ve even been busting out my backlogged collection of Texas Tech shirts that I just haven’t been inspired to wear since the exit of Mike Leach.  But now…It’s on!!

I”m on call today which mostly means that I have to be able to report to the hospital within an hour.  I generally don’t schedule myself for anything other than errands around town on these days and today was no exception.  So today I finished my little picture frame wreath I made myself for Christmas door decoration. Image

Now, I’m just watching some college football and thinking of making something warm to eat.  On deck for tomorrow is actual work.  Woo.