Only know you love her when you let her go

Today I’m thankful for a special group of people I work with.  Not my ICU peeps…my doctors.

They are, in general, a fantastic group of well informed, ready to educate, proactive, involved and enthusiastic physicians.  Even better…they’re sometimes REALLY fun to work with.  We have impromptu song sessions, cultural references mid-rounds, happy hours and even better…some mutual respect.

More than one of them are unexpectedly caring.  They’ve texted to ask about my friend Diana during her surgery.  They’ve texted and followed up to check on my Mom.  They’ll randomly ask me how my foot is doing two years after I broke it.

Want education?  They’ll give it to you.  Gladly.  Because they like it when we’re smart.

they have their wives make me Christmas wreaths.  (Super excited about this!)

Sure…they can be bears.  Pitbulls.  Total jackasses.  Often.  Just like normal people.  Just like some of my “regular” friends.  Just like me.

And those are just the attendings!!

The residents…man I kinda love some of those people!!  They’re fun, funny, excited to be there and more than a few have become great friends.  They rotate around and I don’t get to see the favorites as much as I’d like to.  Besides the ICU staff, they’re some of the only people who really understand what the job is like and how bad or good it can be.  They’ll have your back at unexpected times.  Like the time the crazy man threatened to hold me hostage (John Q movie…seriously scary) and the tiny tiny tiny ED resident just about tried to take him down herself.  (Still have the eternal shoutout to Jana for her mad crazy team leading that day)  The almost adorably awkward (almost) ortho resident who consoles you like a Sheldon robot when you’re worried about someones spine.  The ones who hear the words “central line” from three buildings away and magically show up on the unit, put in three central lines, four chest tubes and run a code with a smile.

Be jealous people who don’t work with my docs.  My docs > your docs.