Pretty Piece of Flesh

You know how I know it’s been waaaaay too long since I’ve been to the gym?

I have NO idea where my headphones are.  I used to have a LoJack on those things with a remote buzzer so I always knew where they were.  Today?  No freakin’ clue.  I think the last time I was at the gym was back in September or even earlier.  Whoops.

I’ve been itching to go back since sometime in November when I was sitting on the couch elevating the stupid stupid cast thinking “Gee, I sure would like to go take a walk on the treadmill and listen to some jams.  But I can’t.  Stupid cast.”  So now that I am  not only cast free, but boot free, AND have even had to run on the foot (no thanks to you typical county patient) I think it’s time I can test the foot on the treadmill.  I think the foot will be fine.  No 5K’s yet, but that’s more cardiovascular than orthopaedic. 

I’ve been down for the count the last two days with the regular post-Steamboat illness.  Sore throat, cough, runny nose.  Super runny nose.  I probably should have OD’d on pseudoephedrine sometime in the last four days.  No fever or swollen lymph nodes though.  So tomorrow, gym time with a dear friend that I haven’t seen in way too long.  Here’s hoping I can still find my 24Hour Fitness card too…hmmm…

As I enter the third week of the year I think I may have to amend one of my New Year’s Resolutions.  I’m just not sure I can read 100 books in a year.  At least not 100 books of any intellectual substance.  I could read 100 trashy romance novels  in a summer, but who really grows with that kind of material?  Crazy people, and I’m trying to rise above the crazy this year.  Trying.   I’m still pretty crazy.

So since I’ve more or less announced it on Facebook, I’m going back to Weight Watchers and actually trying to take it seriously this time.  I’ve charted my points every day since my meeting Wednesday and miraculously managed to lose weight between December 3rd and last Wednesday.  I’m going to give credit to my diet of Vodka and Sprite Zero during Steamboat.  Mmmm…does a body good. 

I get to have a little Ashley and Nikki time on Friday which I’m pretty excited about.  I think I’ll take her to the Museum since I bought that membership so it should be free and we can maybe see one of the short IMAX films.  

Goal for the week:  Don’t get sick.