Again with the catching up. Today is the 18th and I’m pretty sure I have three days worth of thanks to remember!!

16th- I thankful for my brother. At 8 years my senior, he was too old to play when I was little but as I’ve grown up he has shaped what I like to do, the music I listen to and shown me how to be a fierce defender of those I love. Through our childhood I did whatever he did and this extended as I grew up. Lake days, concerts. His influence on my musical preferences has been huge- a good portion of my iTunes playlist can be attributed to him. Pat Green, Jimmy Buffet, Guns n Roses, REK, Cross Canadian Ragweed. All people he said was cool, so I listened to them. And from that my song collection grew. I was always really in to music, but he pushed my interest in a direction outside of what I’d find on the radio.

Plus, he’s ALWAYS had my back. Fights with Mom and Dad, people in bars, other kids growing up. I remember being in high school and having a big cut on my face that was stitched up and very obvious and I was SO insecure about it. A guy in a restaurant looked a little too long at me and then he stopped. Because it was taken care of. I was ALWAYS taken care of. Between him and Dad I’d say my standard for men has been set impossibly high.

Plus…bless him, he’s in a job where he gets football tickets. Good tickets. With parking.

17th- alarm clocks. Water. Motrin. Being in an alcove where I could shut the door on certain staff members who insist on singing all day and nurse my semi-hangover from previously mentioned football game with awesome seats and So. Much. Beer. Mannitol.

18th- Those wonderful and elusive no alarm clock days. I usually end up being awake by 7:30 anyway but it’s my bladder that wakes me up and not some mean old alarm clock. Also- pictures!!!!! Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE to have my picture taken. Today was Layla and my annual “family” picture day!!! Who needs husbands and kids when you have the prettiest dog ever!!



I’m finding myself all kinds of inspired today.  New website/blog for the little crafting business, new project, actually updating my personal blog.  Mind you, not inspired enough to do laundry, but inspired.

I spent a good chunk of the morning/early afternoon watching the Texas Tech/WVU game and that one was much closer than I prefer, but my boys came away 7-0.  The addition of Kliff Kingsbury has been a game changer for this Tech fan.  I was generally unimpressed with the Tommy Tuberville years, being a huge Leach fan from my days in Lubbock.  I’ve even been busting out my backlogged collection of Texas Tech shirts that I just haven’t been inspired to wear since the exit of Mike Leach.  But now…It’s on!!

I”m on call today which mostly means that I have to be able to report to the hospital within an hour.  I generally don’t schedule myself for anything other than errands around town on these days and today was no exception.  So today I finished my little picture frame wreath I made myself for Christmas door decoration. Image

Now, I’m just watching some college football and thinking of making something warm to eat.  On deck for tomorrow is actual work.  Woo.