21 Days

So my BFF Diana and I get each other into all sorts of things.  Trips to national nursing conferences, LifeGift functions, birthday parties, precepting nursing students, ATCN classes, writing new orders sets for presentations at national nurse conferences, looooooots of wine. 

Today she got me into something else…a 21 day Ultimate Body Reset.  A 21 day dietary detox program full of Central Market fare and supplements and green death powder. 

Today was day 1. 

The food was great.  Eggs and toast in the morning, a pretty fantastic salad at lunch and some very good salmon and veggies and potatoes for dinner.  More than I’d usually cook in one day, but good food and not hard to make at all. 

The supplements…well.  I don’t swallow pills well, so there was some gagging and then there’s the green death powder.  There’s just probably no way to ever ever make this stuff taste good.  I just think that for 21 days I’m going to have to suck it up and take it like a woman.

I’ve never done a detox or anything like this before so who knows what will happen, hopefully I’ll learn some new kitchen tricks and try some new things- I put bell peppers AND tomatoes in my salad today and those things are NOT part of my regular veggie intake.  There are some concerning foods and the fact that the last two weeks of the plan are totally vegan, but I’ll give it a shot!!  I’m pretty sure I’ll totally be jonesing for some meat or milk before too long.  I’m pretty excited about it and glad Diana was already going to do it- I never would have found out about it or even ever tried it if she hadn’t already decided to do it.  If I lose some weight…added bonus.  I’m mostly hoping to get back into cooking more and maybe expand my vegetable palate. 

Plus, Diana was doing it so I have to do it too. 

Best part?  Actual excuse to not work out for three weeks.  Besides the usual “Don’t want to”.  The program basically says you won’t have the energy for it.  Maybe after the three weeks I’ll grow a large amount of motivation to do something with myself. 

Otherwise…gearing up for NTI in Orlando starting May 20.  Super excited to get my yearly dose of inspiration and refresh the passion and drive for nursing.  Plus…Disney!  The food won’t be near as good as the food in Chicago, nevermind Seattle but that way we can focus on the conference and learning and planning the eventual takeover of all nursing everywhere. I’m ready for another trip- I haven’t been anywhere since Seattle and I’m excited to go to another city I’ve never seen again.  Here’s hoping the Magic Kingdom (or Epcot, wherever we end up) is truly magical and I get to see a princess or two!!

We’ll see how day 2 goes!!!