Thank Goodness

So I’ve skipped a few days, mostly because I’ve been exhausted.

Mom had a bit of a large health scare on Sunday which has led to almost a week in the ICU at Harris and a lot of moments of  “ohmygoodnessthiswas almostreallyreallyreallybad” on my part.

So these last four days…I’ve been thankful for a lot.

My Mom’s health and reserves to get through her big fat saddle PE.

Dad.  Just Dad.

The nurses taking care of Mom in the Neuro ICU at Harris.  They’re not my JPS peeps…but they’ve been awesome.

My awesome friends including Diana who heard the words “saddle PE” and came to sit with me in the hospital for even just a few minutes and everyone who has heard a little whisper of something and checked on me and came to check on me and Mom.

My work family for asking after my mom and dealing with my work guilt on Thursday.

My Mom for telling me it was okay to go out for lunch and the day with my BFF from forever.

My ICU docs for mini Mom consults.

My brother for procuring tickets for the Tech-Baylor game this weekend.  I need a break!!!

Medical technology.  Oh the technology!

The totally legit cafeteria at Harris.

The way the ICU works at JPS.  I ALWAYS know which doc is running the show and that is harder to come by than one would think.